Simplify decision making: Think About It for iPhone.

Ever made an important decision on nothing more than a coin toss?

How expensive did that game of chance turn out to be?

Your Decision Assistant.

Think About It for iPhone is designed to ease the process of making decisions. Using a tried and tested workflow, you will make better decisions simply by thinking more about what your decision entails. Available in the App Store

You can use Think About It to help make all sorts of decisions at home and in the workplace whether assisting with purchase decisions or deciding between alternative courses of action.

Think About It will: -

  • Calculate and display an overall winning choice.
  • Analyse how each choice has performed.
  • Display which choice has performed best for each factor.

Decisions Decisions ...

Think About It assists you to construct your decision by leading you through a simple process.

Decisions contain lists of choices you wish to consider and criteria to measure or judge them by. You can also narrate your decision with notes and photos to help record your thinking along the way.

Factoring in the details.

Simply answer the question: "How will I decide?"

Think About It allows you to enter factors that must be considered when assessing a choice's suitability.

Criteria can be either measurable or quality based i.e. a little less defined. Once criteria are identified, each one is assigned an importance rating comparing it to it's counterparts, building up the ranking of what is important to you.

What are my choices?

Think About It records how your choices compare against one another.

Enter measurable values and assess whether a choice is better or worse at meeting the criteria and state by how much.

Once these simple steps are performed your decision conclusion will be analysed and an outcome displayed.

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